“If you lean heavy towards guitar slingers, then Alastair's blues rock fret board prowess will set your ears a fire. Keep your fire extinguisher close while playing this CD! This American Roots music is the Real Deal! Right from the first song to last, this CD will have you hoppin' and a be-boppin' down to your nearest juke joint. You can definitely hear his fluid song writing capabilities. Overall I must say that "Walkin' in Circles" is definitely a keeper for music fans and blues enthusiasts alike, and I highly recommend this CD for the masses."  ”

Scott Thomas, Cash Box Magazine

MUSIC CONNECTION REVIEW APRIL 2010 Greene certainly isn’t reinventing the blues-rock wheel with these recordings, but he sure burns rubber whenever it’s his cue to rip a solo. Whether it’s the Elmore James type stomper, “Walking In Circles”, or the ZZ Top-ish boogie, “Cut You Loose”, Greene’s leads are either impeccably clean or eminently dirty, whatever is called for. There’s great band energy here too, captured with a live club feel. Greene, who also works with the likes of Alan Parsons, is a fiery performer who’s perfect meat for a label such as Blind Pig Records.”

, Music Connection Magazine

BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE DEC/JAN 2010    The ALASTAIR GREENE BAND has achieved an elusive result with WALKING IN CIRCLES (Riatsala Music), waxing a blues-rock album that holds appeal for traditionalists. The rhythm section never fails to swing, providing a nuanced, true-blues launch pad for Greene’s guitar, even on the aggressive reading of “Get Out of My Life, Woman.” A stinging version of “Don’t Lose Your Cool” features the harmonica of Mitch Kashmar, who guests on six tracks overall; “Merry-Go-Round” captures the melancholy of the Fleetwood Mac original. Greene’s own songs reference trademark sounds from Bo Diddley to The Meters, with “Drunk Again” a strong shuffle and “Look Out Baby” a speeding ticket waiting to happen.”

Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine

                                                                                                   "With guest Mitch Kashmar, Alastair Greene and his band aim to please as they dish out a swingin' session of five feel-good covers and six original songs. Greene sings with spirit and tells it like it is while his electric guitar adds a stimulating sizzle that punctuates hard. Keeping the band's musical focus, Greene shouts the blues with the kind of emphasis that drives and audience mad. Just about the time you think you've got him figured out he'll spur his guitar on with lightning and fireworks. Balancing the leader's spontaneity, bassist Jim Rankin and drummer Tom Lackner swing conservatively with a solid wall of rhythm. For Albert Collins' "Don't Lose Your Cool," Greene fires up an instrumental facade that builds and builds until there's no-where else to go but up. He and Kashmar make great partners in this affair as they stomp the blues the way it's been handed down through many generations. With Mel London's "Cut You Loose" and his own "Pocket Full Of Change," Greene sings convincingly about women and trouble while pointing out the importance of healthy relations. Later on, with Hound Dog Taylor's "Give Me Back My Wig" he sings and plays a traditional theme that rocks hard while Kashmar's harmonica juices up the scene with ideas flying here and there. Greene is in good company and takes this session in stride with great success."”

Jim Santella, Southland Blues Magazine

Alastair Greene somehow found the time to record a new album. Not an easy feat for a session musician that has played on albums by Aynsley Dunbar, Alan Parsons, Mitch Kashmar (War) and French blues guitarist Franck Goldwasser, became a full time touring guitarist in the Alan Parsons Live Project in January 2010, and in addition to his own band leads an Eric Clapton tribute act, Slowhand. The Alastair Greene Band’s latest effort, ‘Walking in Circles’, hosts six original and five cover tracks. AG lays claim to songs by Allen Toussaint (“Get Out of My Life, Woman”), Albert Collins (“Don’t Lose Your Cool”), Peter Green (“Merry Go Round”) and Hound Dog Taylor (“Give Me Back My Wig”). He cuts a searing guitar swath through the songs, lending a blues growl to the delivery. AG’s voice is as strong as his playing, which comes off like a natural extension of other life functions such as breathing, walking, etc. His playing takes on a lot of chores bringing in hooks, riffs and rhythm to anything it touches while the vocals weave in and out. Alastair is a full service artist, equally in charge and at ease throughout ‘Walking in Circles’.”

Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root

"Alastair is not a household name but you have to wonder why not. This is a great blues album. Alastair plays a mean guitar, in the blues rock style of Joe Bonamassa. One difference is Alastair has a better, husky, blues voice. His original songs are well written. Throw in a few nice covers, some smokin' instrumentals and you have one of the best blues albums of the year!"”

— Greg Demko, KRZA FM Colorado

"There are certain artists whose recordings I know in advance will be review worthy material. When their past works have demonstrated such a proven commitment to quality of material, excellence of performance, and consistency of sound I know before they hit the CD player that they are going to be excellent works. California based blues/rock guitarist Alastair Greene is just such an artist who has over time become one of my personal favorites. You will be hard pressed to find another young guitarist whose work demonstrates a better example of both from where the blues has come as well as to where it may be headed. His latest work “Walking In Circles” is a wonderful representation of just that: one foot in the past with the other planted in the future. “Walking in Circles” is a tribute of sorts it would seem with Greene offering up 6 excellent original tracks combined with 5 covers, many of which Greene performs in styles reminiscent of some of the greats. You will hear a variety of tasty flavorings including Jimmy Reed, Otis Rush, Elmore James, T-Bone Walker, and Albert Collins all as seen through the eyes of Alastair Greene and his remarkable guitar. The band here is excellent as always, perhaps even better on this set than on previous ones and features some most impressive bass guitar compliments of Jim Rankin and the tasteful as always drumming of Tom Lackner. And, to make the seasoning complete, Mitch Kashmar adds some world class blues harmonica to the mix. Greene’s vocals are strong as always as is the studio sound in general: engineered for quality sound without removing the energy. I think you will like all the tracks here, with a special mention to Greene’s interpretation of the great Albert Collins instrumental “Don’t Lose Your Cool”, “Get Out Of My Life, Woman”, a song made most popular to me by Albert King (and others), and the thunderous “Look Out Baby” which features some of the best guitar and bass exchanges on the CD. This entire recording is high quality and purely a good time just waiting to happen. “Walking In Circles” receives the Bluesrockers.ws “use at least part of your bailout money to buy this CD” recommendation. Great music, great people, and the very kind we always look to help promote at Bluesrockers.”

Tom Branson, Bluesrockers

“Bluesman Alastair Greene's new album, "Walking in Circles," shows his range on both originals and covers, with nods to Muddy Water, ZZ Top and Gov't Mule…album is already a hit in Europe and Canada. Greene & band put on a high-energy show designed to get people moving.””

— , San Jose Metro

“I thought I had heard Alastair before, but I knew when I saw Mitch Kashmar listed on the back cover that I was going to like what I heard, and I was not disappointed… "Say What You Want" is a real gem.””

— , Bluez Newz

"Alastair Greene is unconventional, yet plays with a rootsy sound that grabs you and won't let go! His latest includes a number of great covers that sound almost as if he wrote them."”

— , Blues Deluxe

I give this CD, my highest rating, Five ***** When the first two words you hear on an album are "Ahhhh Yeah", you kind of expect that you are in for a great ride, and that is exactly what the Alastair Greene Band does with their newest release, "Walking In Circles". The Alastair Greene Band is the next Big Blues Power Trio, Bar None! Read More at: Blues Underground  ”

John Vermilyea, Blues Underground

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