LIVE FROM THE 805 makes Rock & Blues Muse Top 20 of 2018

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We are incredibly proud that LIVE FROM THE 805 was included in the Rock and Blues Muse Top 20 albums of 2018. We are in such great company here and realize how rare it is for a live record to make an end of year list like this. Before the list on their website, Rock and Blues Mused prefaced their picks for Albums of the year with:
"We polled our staff and our readers for our Top 20 Blues, Rock, Roots Albums of 2018. We chose one live record, even given the obvious challenges of including a live album in a list like this. We included it because we think it is too good to leave out."
“Blues-rock guitarist, singer-songwriter Alastair Greene recorded a live performance in his native Southern California and released the two-disc set in August via Rip Cat Records and recorded by Sean McCue. Hot on the heels of his 2017 release, Dream Train, this album is so strong and the recording produced so seamlessly, we had to include it in our list. Guitar master Alastair Greene showcases his love of the blues and blues-rock on this stellar live album of 20 songs. This release showcases Greene’s commitment to rocking blues after spending seven years as lead guitarist for The Alan Parson Project. Greene showcases soulful vocals and outstanding guitar work (including slide.) It is a collection of powerful, stripped down music of mostly originals.”
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