Jack Kennedy - Celebration Of Life

A celebration of life was held for Jack Kennedy on Sunday, September 15th. Alastair wrote and posted to social media later that day:

"For those of you that couldn’t make it,....
We celebrated the life of Jack Kennedy today. It was incredibly moving. Lots of crying and lots of laughter. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was get up and speak about my mentor and friend, Jack. I know he’d be getting a kick out of the proceedings. It was so good seeing old friends and telling stories. Jack was one of a kind and those of us who knew him will carry a part of him with us forever. Much love to his wife Eden and son Jackson. He was the first true stone cold bada$$ mofo I ever met. He lived a lot of life in 60 years. More than most people could live in 600 years! Love you and miss, bro."

We invite you to take a moment and celebrate Jack's life by watching and listening to this bass solo from the Alastair Greene show in Boynton Beach, FL.
Alastair writes:

"This is what I consider to be a classic Jack Kennedy bass solo. It's all here. Jack's groove, flurries of notes, string bending, octave chromaticism, melodic sensibilities....pure bada$$ery.

I'm so grateful Datflys Concert Videos was there to capture this entire show back in May of this year.

Rest in peace, brother Jack."

(Listen with headphones or on a stereo so you can hear the bass. Smart phone speakers aren’t very good for bass response)


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