AG at ROCKSHOP ACADEMY this summer, Paris recap, D-Day thoughts

This summer Alastair will be an instructor at Santa Barbara's ROCKSHOP ACADEMY. In addition to helping with group instruction alongside George Pendergast (Dishwalla/Penfifteen Club) and Rodney Cravens (Dishwalla) Alastair will also be teaching private guitar lessons. For more info on the ROCKSHOP ACADEMY check the website: 


For more info on private guitar lessons contact Alastair using the info on the CONTACT PAGE.

The ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT just got back to the United States after performing at the historical Olympia Theater in Paris France. Pictures to be posted ASAP!


"Thanks to all the men and women who 66 years ago on June 6th 1944 stepped up to save the world. We are forever in your debt." - Alastair

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