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Older Reviews and Quotes

"You definitely have talent,..I'm hearing you as being a strong player with a good blues/rock feel and some real chops."
"Alastair is one of the best young rocking blues guitarists I've heard in a long time."
James Shane (guitarist- Canned Heat)
Alastair is an extremely gifted guitarist, whether playing effects heavy blues/rock or intense electric slide. He melds a touch of Walter Trout, a dash of Warren Haynes, and a pinch of Trower into a high powered blues/rock beast.
Blues-rock fans have been warming themselves to the fire under Alastair Greene’s lightning fingers for several years now. His Quicksilver finger work has likened comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan. His voice – what he jokingly calls “controlled shouting” – comes from somewhere deep and fierce within.
Ted Mills - Santa Barbara News Press
Those who prefer their blues amped up should be deafeningly pleased. Simply, he goes for it. Greene has a strong, baritone voice that often distorts his mic as the song reaches an apex.
" I really like it when you do your thing!!!"
Ike Turner
Superficially, blues in Santa Barbara could only result from one-way street misdirection or parking more than a block from Nordstrom, but in reality, the area has a long and distinguished blues tradition. The Santa Barbara Blues Society is the nation's oldest; acoustic blues wiseguys Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan have been at it for decades; the Fabulous T-Birds frontman Kim Wilson is a local; and the Pontiax tore things up for years. And then there's Alastair Greene, blues-rock guitar monster, who will be like a god when and if long hair comes back.
Bill Locey - Ventura County Star
Alastair Greene takes you back in time by dishing out legendary numbers by Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, John Coltrane and Albert King. Greene gives credit where credit is due then rocks the songs his way.
Deanna Segretarian - Music Connection Magazine
It was a true pleasure to witness Alastair Greene and his excellent band. Keep an eye out for Alastair Greene. He's one musician with which to be reckoned. Accept no imitations!